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Children's Dentistry

For many kids, going to the dentist can be a very fearful experience. Dr. Douglas Kardynal understands that for most kids, it is a fear of the unknown. Also, there are a lot of parents who may have had a bad experienced when they were kids, and that gets passed on to their children.

Dr. Kardynal believes that it is best to start your child's dental visits early before problems develop, around the age of 3, thereby making visits more comfortable for the child. He also suggests bring your child to your dental appointment, before their first appointment, as a way of getting used to it.

Getting a children's picture book about a visit to the dentist for your child before their dental appointment can also help with their upcoming visit. Dr. Kardynal believes that this helps to educate kids in a way that they can understand.

In addition to not passing on their negative dental experiences to their kids, parents should remain positive and say positve things to their children about their upcoming visit.

On your child's first visit to the dentist do not get discouraged if your child does not want to sit a chair on the first or second visit. Dr. Kardynal do not believe that children should be punished for not sitting in the chair either.

At our office we use the tell, show and do method to help alleviate the fears of pediatric patients. We tell them what we are going to do, show them the instruments that we are going to use, while describing the sensations they will feel, and then we do it.

To help kids relax, we have a TV on the ceiling. We turn on the Disney Channel to help curb the anxiety. Also, kids are welcome to listen to headphones, too – anything to keep them calm. Plus, parents are welcome in the room during their appointment.

After, their dental appointment, it is important to make dental hygiene a normal part of their day.

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